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Easy, strict, safe, and fast JavaScript & TypeScript monorepo toolchain for high performance teams.

Easy to use

Well documented and easy to use CLI with tab completion with --help always available.


Automatic change determination with minimal configuration.

Safe & strict

Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when working in a monorepo with Workspace validation.


Includes first-party plugins and a robust extendable architecture to customize to your team’s needs.

oneRepo simplifies automation by handling common tasks for you and your team. Say goodbye to spending excessive time tinkering with tooling and hello to focusing on your applications.

Gone are the days of manually configuring file glob patterns for Workspace integrity and decision making for whether or not checks and tasks must run. oneRepo automatically and accurately determines which Workspaces, tasks, and checks are necessary for any given change

Stop recompiling dependencies

Section titled Stop recompiling dependencies

With oneRepo, you can utilize shared Workspaces as source-level dependencies. This means that all import/require chains within the monorepo originate from the source files, eliminating the need to rebuild shared packages to capture changes.

Logging output from every command and tool in oneRepo is carefully grouped, documented, and prevented from overlapping parallel executions. Every line includes context, timing, and log-type information.

  1. Install the CLI

    First, install oneRepo’s one command into your path:

    Install via npm
    npx --package=onerepo one install
  2. Create your oneRepo Next, use the one create command to initialize into an existing or a new repository.

    Initialize oneRepo in a new or existing repository
    one create
  3. Keep going…

    You’re nearly done. Follow the in-prompt instructions or continue on with the getting started guide.