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oneRepo changelog

  • Fixes execution of subtasks in NPM repositories when commands use (d7f3a29)
  • Fixed regression in dependency verification that would not fail against local workspace versions when pinning exact version numbers. (be88279) Thanks @alecmev!
  • When verifying dependencies, ensure public packages do not have production dependencies that are marked private (and non-publishable). (be88279) Thanks @alecmev!
  • Removed the @internal flag from config on HandlerExtra, exposing the type information for consumers and documenting the available information. (f94e116) Thanks @alecmev!
  • Ensures the resolved config is passed to command HandlerExtra. (f94e116)
  • Fixed typo/grammar mistake in git workflow docs. (f772097)
  • Clarify generate command option is templateDir and not templatesDir, internally as well as in all help output & documentation. (867f066)
  • When passing an absolute path to the one codeowners show command, eg --file /home/dev/path/to/file, matching the file to owners would throw an error: (6266a6d)
    RangeError: path should be a `path.relative()`d string, but got "."
  • @onerepo/test-cli@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/yargs@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/builders@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/git@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/graph@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/package-manager@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/subprocess@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/file@1.0.2
  • @onerepo/logger@1.0.2

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  • Adds one change show to help preview changes in Workspaces” (15bff1b)
  • Adds one codeowners show to list out owners on modified or input files. (ce67f33)
  • Capitalized “Graph” in documentation, help output, and tsdoc comments. (8f3d968)
  • Capitalized “Workspace” and “Workspaces” in documentation, help output, and tsdoc comments. (9534837)
  • Prevents an EventEmitter memory leak stemming from the logger’s internal LogBuffer by piping streams instead of adding and removing listeners. (f22e04d) Previously, you may experience the following error when receiving a lot of output from subprocesses (particularly eslint):
    (node:30394) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 data listeners added to [LogBuffer]. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit
    (Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
  • Updated URL in one generate --help output to point to correct online source.` (21b8d0d)
  • @onerepo/test-cli@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/yargs@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/builders@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/git@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/graph@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/package-manager@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/subprocess@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/file@1.0.1
  • @onerepo/logger@1.0.1

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🎉 Initial stable release!

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